Crash Replacement Policy

Crash Replacement

Mistakes happen. We want you to have peace of mind when you're riding in your Palisade kit.

If your kit is damaged in a crash or accident send us details & images of your damaged kit to with an accompanying image of your receipt, and you'll receive a 40% discount to be used on a replacement for your damaged item.

This applies on selected garments outside of the 30 day returns period.


Crash Replacement Conditions

- Original receipt must be provided

- Acceptable levels of wear & tear are not applicable for a crash replacement discount. If you believe your garment has a manufacturing fault, we're happy to replace it under the conditions of our faulty garments policy.

- The discount is only applicable on the Palisade WebStore, and may not be used with any of our retail partners.

- The discount is only applicable on an equivalent item (ie a replacement jersey for a damaged jersey, or bibs for damaged bibs.)