Making Waves with
Team BridgeLane

A partnership founded on a shared goal - Exceeding expectations.

We’re thrilled to be launching Palisade in 2021 with the help of Team BridgeLane. To those privy of the Australian cycling scene, this team needs no introduction. 

They are a juggernaut of the domestic & asian racing circuits, having won the Australian National Road Series (NRS) the last 10 years running. They’re also known to outperform in international scenes, having won UCI races like the Tour of Japan, Tour of Taiwan & Savoie Mont-Blanc in the last few seasons.

The team never set out to be a dominant force in the continental cycling ranks Their intentions have always been the same. Just ask the team’s long-time Directeur Sportif Andrew Christie-Johnston, who’ll gladly tell you over a crisp Great Northern lager that the team’s sole motivation is to provide talented young cyclists with the support network necessary to make it to the top level of Professional Cycling.

We’d struggle to think of a better-credentialled team to accompany us on our maiden voyage. It’s been invaluable to have the team’s input on the design of our One Series Collection. The riders’ experiences racing at the highest levels have informed our decisions & choices of materials & fit, to ensure we get the right balance between race-ready & everyday comfort in each Palisade garment.

We’re looking forward to making waves with Team BridgeLane in season 2021, and hopefully exceeding expectations along the way.